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About Us

We are a family-run business consisting of brothers Anthony and Christopher and their amazing cousin Anna.

We have all grown up with a Greek Cypriot heritage. We are influenced by Greek, Egyptian and Syrian ancestral history - with a touch of Greek Orthodox Christianity.

Both Anna and Chris are practitioners and lean towards the chaotic pathway.
While trying to find supplies to use in our own practice we noticed that there is no "one-stop shop" to cover all pathways and source rarer items. 
Therefore, we decided to set up The Purple Spell.

As we were discussing the ethos of the company we decided that we also wanted to build a community.


Further, we are actively looking for hand-crafted items from artists and practitioners that can be used in a variety of multiple pathways. 

To support new and existing customers, we have set up forums on our website, are active on social media, and maintain information pages with background knowledge on various topics.

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