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Practitioners and Artists

Shenel Ozkan

💞Hello everybody! I am a creative resin art designer who believes in the power of magic! All of my resin pieces that I create are unique, hand made and have a spiritual character that evolves when being created. Each piece is handled with extra love, care and strong attention to detail.

* I naturally dry out and preserve all my flowers
* I use genuine crystals
* I try to capture the real beauty behind each piece by making each art sculpture magical and unique.




My art covers a wide range of subjects. This collection focuses on mystical symbols and meanings, how the use of vibrant colours and strong images effect , impact our moods, feelings and thoughts.

The collection is inspired by Tribal Cultures, Shamanic Magic , Ancient Religion , Stories and Myths and Meanings.

How the spirit world and plane connects with our environment and the physical world is explored through the works





Hi my name is Dawn from Wiltshire and I am a papercutting artist. All pieces are designed by Wildchild Designs hand cut by myself, with a scalpel. Everything I make, is done with a filled heart, positive energy and in my happy place at my kitchen table! You can find more of my work at Firemoon Papercuts on Facebook. The zodiac Papercuts are now sold exclusively at The Purple Spell 💜


Dominic Morton

the seance 1.jpeg

Dawn Shergold

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